Fertility Support

I specialise in providing holistic support for individuals and couples while on their fertility journey.  


I am a member of Fertility Support Experts, which signals a high level of understanding complex fertility cases, IVF support, recurrent miscarriages, and reproductive immunology. https://www.fertilitysupport.expert/ 


This knowledge allows me to explore and navigate through the many possible causes for what is sometimes referred to as “unexplained infertility”. 


My treatment plan may include referring you for appropriate tests to gain a better understanding of what could be causing the delay in you falling pregnant. I can interpret the results for you and use them to tailor my treatments and the advice I give you.  


I will clearly communicate with you so that you understand our shared goal, and how the treatment plan is progressing. 


By combining traditional Chinese medicine with referrals and support from biomedical testing and practitioners, I am able to offer an effective approach for enhancing fertility by minimizing the effects of underlying conditions.  


Whether you are considering natural conception or assisted reproductive treatments such as IVF, my treatments can play a vital role in optimising your reproductive health.  


Female Fertility Support and Reproductive Health 


  • Irregular cycles 
  • TTC for over 6 months/ a year and not yet pregnant  
  • Hoping to start trying soon and wanting to enhance your health-fertility preparation 
  • Complex fertility issues 
  • Endometriosis, Adenomyosis, PCOS 
  • Not menstruating 
  • Recurrent UTI’s  
  • Recurrent miscarriages 
  • IVF Preparation (At least three months preparation is required before the procedure). 
  • Male and female fertility optimization for hetero and same sex couples 
  • Secondary infertility ( Struggling to fall pregnant again) 
  • Post natal depletion, exhausting, and brain fog 


Male Fertility Support and Reproductive Health 


  • Low Sperm count, motility, morphology
  • High levels of sperm DNA fragmentation
  • IVF Preparation
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Wellness Meridian is based in Hampshire and Surrey and online consultations can also be arranged when needed.


Please contact me to book the treatment. If you would like a 10 minute free phone consultation prior to booking, I am  happy to make myself available.


Contact details:


(t) 07926 333206
(e) toni@wellnessmeridian.com